DIFF 2012 Masterclasses


DIFF 2012 Masterclasses
Masterclass with Jennifer Fox
“One Person, One Camera”

Fri, 2 Nov. 6 PM, TCV Day School

Internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker Jennifer Fox (Beirut: The Last Home Movie, An American Love Story, Flying Confessions of a Free Woman, My Reincarnation) has made it her life’s work to create films with real people that feel so authentic, they seem like fiction. Her methodology – using “One Person, One Camera” – has made her films universally accessible and celebrated and distributed worldwide.

In this Masterclass, Jennifer will discuss her unique way to see story in real life and to unearth profound human truths from the ordinary. She will talk about the advantage of being a one-person crew for capturing authentic moments on screen. This is a workshop to help discover what it means when your subjects are truly present or just performing for the camera – and how big a difference this makes for the value of the film and the experience for the viewer.

Jennifer will discuss how to build the skills required to juggle sound, camera, and interpersonal relationships when working solo. She will discuss the trade-off between the “perfect image” and real film intimacy and why the latter may be more important for the viewer. She will share her philosophy that the role of documentary filmmakers is to help the ‘subjects’ show up in front of the camera as their most ‘total’ self. Learning how to do this is a lifetime adventure. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!
Masterclass with Asif Kapadia
Telling stories: Directing fiction and non-fiction

Sat, 3 Nov. 2.30 PM, TCV Day School

Writer/Director Asif Kapadia has worked with fiction and non-fiction. His first feature, The Warrior (2001), propelled him into the limelight, winning the 2003 BAFTA Awards for Best British Film and Best Debut Film. His recent film was the hugely successful documentary, Senna (2010), winner of the World Cinema Audience Award Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival 2011 and the 2012 BAFTA Awards for Best Documentary and Best Editing. Asif also directed Far North (2007), shot in the arctic and starring Michelle Yeoh, and The Odyssey (2012) a documentary about London and Londoners made for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Asif will focus his talk on his experience of making Senna and will discuss storytelling, ideas and the space between fiction and non-fiction filmmaking. He will also show clips from his films and will answer questions from the audience.
A presentation by Aditi Chitre
Baking Animation In An Artist’s Studio

Sun, 4 Nov. 1.30PM, Club House

Aditi Chitre, a painter by training and an animation filmmaker by profession, will present her film, Journey to Nagaland, and discuss her foray into animation filmmaking through her own personal approach to the medium. Trained as a painter, she taught herself animation. She will share her experience of merging the two mediums and in the process discovering the accessibility of animation.
Masterclass with Gitanjali Rao
Close Encounters of the Animation Kind

Sun, 4 Nov. 3 PM, Club House

Gitanjali Rao is one of India’s leading animators. A self taught animator, her film, Printed Rainbow, premiered at Cannes 2006 as part of Critics’ Week and went on to win the Best Short Film award. She will talk about her experiences as an animation filmmaker; the joys and frustrations of working in the medium, and why animation should be seen as a valid and important cinematic language of its own.