Ektara Collective
India | 2017 | 72 min | Hindi | Director Attending



Set in Bhopal’s Chakki Chouraha neighbourhood—where the male-dominated pastime of choice is chess—Turup explores themes of gender, communalism, casteism and oppression. The film introduces three women whose lives are inextricably linked—Lata, Monika and Neelima. Lata is a young Dalit sweeper, Monika an elderly household help and Neelima—Monika’s employer—a middle- aged former journalist. The three share a common experience of struggling to retain their sense of self in the face of loneliness and isolation. Into the narrative walks Majid, a young Muslim man who joins in the local chess matches but is perceived by the neighbourhood men as a threat—besides winning at chess, he might also win over ‘their’ women. Worse still, Majid becomes romantically involved with Lata, who is of neither his religion nor his caste…


  • Ektara Collective

    Ektara Collective

    Ektara is an independent, non-commercial film collective which initiates creative collaborations between trained and untrained members, aiming to produce content that reflects their realities and experiences. The group has previously produced the fiction shorts Chanda Ke Joote (2011) and Jaadui Machchi (2013). Maheen Mirza, one of Turup’s writers, explains, “We had a team from amongst us who helped direct Turup. The idea was to take into consideration everyone’s ideas while directing rather than making the whole process hierarchical. We have always been a collective.” With the film completed, Maheen says the collaborators now “see and then show the film around as something they are invested in. This builds a critical and diverse audience for cinema. In a country where the scope of watching independent cinema is limited, this becomes critical to help the film reach as many people as it can.”


Direction, Producer - Ektara Collective
Story, Script, Screenplay - Rinchin and Maheen Mirza
Cinematography - Maheen Mirza
Editing - Puloma Pal
Sound Design - Bigyna Bhushan Dahal
Production Design - Sanjay Raraiya, Priyanka Gaikwad, Tina Sharma
Music - Dev Narayan Saroliya, Kaluram Bamniya, Narayanji Delmia, Sangeeta Lahiri Shrivastav