Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam
India, USA | 2018 | 91 min | Tibetan | Directors Attending
1:15 pm, 4 Nov, Hermann Gmeiner Auditorium



Dolkar is a 26-year-old Tibetan living in exile in Delhi. Outwardly fun-loving with a busy social life, she is secretly haunted by a deep sense of guilt over an incident that occurred in her childhood. Eighteen years ago, Dolkar fled Tibet with her father, making a perilous trek across harsh Himalayan terrain with a small group of refugees. The journey ended in tragedy and she has since suppressed all memories of the matter. But one evening in Majnu ka Tila, North Delhi’s Tibetan refugee settlement, Dolkar unexpectedly encounters Gompo—the guide who abandoned them during their flight. As memories of past horrors are reignited, Dolkar is propelled on an obsessive search for retribution and closure through the colony’s claustrophobic alleyways. Meanwhile, Gompo, newly arrived in India, is confronted by two Chinese agents who proffer him a stark choice over the fate of his wife, who is imprisoned back in Tibet because of his political activities.


  • Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam

    Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam

    Ritu Sarin was born in New Delhi. After graduating from the University of Delhi she took a master’s in film and video at California College of the Arts. Tenzing Sonam was born in Darjeeling to Tibetan refugee parents. He also graduated from the University of Delhi and went on to study broadcast journalism at the University of California. Working through their company White Crane Films, Ritu and Tenzing have made more than 20 films and several video installations. Their first fiction feature was Dreaming Lhasa (2005), and their documentaries include The Sun Behind the Clouds (2009) and When Hari Got Married (2012)—one of the first non-fiction narratives to be theatrically released in India. Ritu and Tenzing describe The Sweet Requiem as “an exploration of the themes of exile, memory and guilt, and the unexpected consequences of the choices we make in life.”


Directors - Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam
Screenplay - Tenzing Sonam
Producer - Ritu Sarin and Shrihari Sathe
Executive Producers - Yodon Thonden. Francesca von Habsburg and Vishwanath Alluri
Cinematography - David McFarland
Editing - Jabeen Merchant
Production Design - Aradhana Seth
Original Music - Micheal Montes
Costume Designer - Himani Dehlvi
Make-Up Designer - Dhananjay M. Prajapati
Associate Producer - Rajesh Thanickan
Associate Director - Sonam Tseten


Mill Valley Film Festival 2018
Toronto International Film Festival 2018