Bornila Chatterjee
India | 2017 | 100 min | Hindi | Director Attending



The Hungry relocates Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy Titus Andronicus to modern- day India, where corruption, greed and revenge run amok at an extravagant wedding. Tulsi is set to wed Sunny—the son of a ruthless corporate tycoon named Tathagat Ahuja. At a New Year’s Eve party he is hosting, Tathagat recruits Tulsi’s promising young son, Ankur, to participate in a business deal. During the meeting, Ankur makes a grave mistake, the deal is spoiled, and he is brutally killed. Thus ensues a flurry of violence and murder—much of it initiated by Tulsi, as she seeks to avenge her son’s death. As the wedding approaches, Tulsi must decide how much more she is willing to sacrifice in order to see her plans through to the end. A daring adaptation, The Hungry transforms Titus Andronicus’ villain Tamora into the heroine Tulsi—and, in the process, invites us to examine our own appetites for power.


  • Bornila Chatterjee

    Bornila Chatterjee

    Born in California, US, Bornila Chatterjee holds a BFA in film and TV production from New York University. From 2010 to 2013, she worked as managing director of Stonestreet Studios— a screen acting school in the drama department of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Bornila has directed the shorts Dida Reema Anjara (2009), Sweet Surrender (2011), White Lilies (2012), and Devil Mambo (2015), as well as the feature Let’s Be Out, the Sun Is Shining (2012). Commenting on the inspiration behind The Hungry, she says, “As one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known works, Titus Andronicus is probably best known for its scenes of decapitations, dismemberments and, of course, cannibalism. It’s an unapologetically manic dissection of basic instincts that might be difficult to stomach. But, inside that unfettered mania, there is poetry and nuance and complexity.”


British Film Institute London Film Festival 2017
Toronto International Film Festival 2017, Canada
Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI) 2017, India