Kwok Zune, Wong Fei-pang, Jevons Au, Chow Kwun-wai, Ng Ka-leung
Hong Kong | 2015 | 103 mins | Cantonese | Indian Premiere | Director Attending





In this dystopian portmanteau film from Hong Kong, five young directors envision the state of their city ten years hence. Kwok Zune’s noirish Extras concerns a political assassination during a school’s May Day celebrations, whilst Wong Fei-pang’s cryptic, desaturated Season of the End chronicles the last days of a pair of curators who gradually transform themselves into ‘specimens’ of Hong Kong’s dying culture. In Jevons Au’s Dialect, a Cantonese-speaking taxi driver is barred from airport and city-centre pick-ups because he has failed the Putonghua (Mandarin-language) proficiency test. Next, Chow Kwun-wai’s mockumentary Self-Immolator seeks to uncover the identity of a woman who sets herself on fire in front of the British Embassy. Finally, in Ng Ka-leung’s Local Egg, children dressed as Maoist Red Guards patrol family businesses in search of banned merchandise. Despite being branded a “virus of the mind” by China’s Global Times, Ten won Best Film at the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards.


  • Kwok Zune, Wong Fei-pang, Jevons Au, Chow Kwun-wai, Ng Ka-leung

    Kwok Zune, Wong Fei-pang, Jevons Au, Chow Kwun-wai, Ng Ka-leung

    Kwok Zune graduated from the Film & Television School at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2009. His previous films include Downstream (2012) and Shelter (2014). Wong Fei-pang attended the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. His directorial credits include An Odd Fish (2013) and Leave Them High and Dry (2014). Jevons Au is another alumnus of HKAPA. He recently directed his first dramatic feature, Trivisa (2016).
    Chow Kwun-wai also graduated from HKAPA. His first feature-length drama, A Complicated Story (2013), premiered at the 37th Hong Kong Independent Film Festival. Ng Ka-leung studied at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design. He initiated the Ten Years project in 2014, hoping to create a platform for Hong Kong’s residents to share their past, recognise the present and imagine the future.


Hong Kong Film Awards 2016: Hong Kong Film Award for Best Film
Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards 2016: Film of Merit, HKFCS Award Nominee for Best Film
40th Hong Kong International Film Festival 2016
Osaka Asian Film Festival 2016
New York Asian Film Festival 2016
Taipei Film Festival 2016
Vancouver International Film Festival 2016
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2015