Amar Kanwar
India | 2017 | 85 min | English



Such a Morning tells the story of a famous mathematician who, at the peak of his career, shifts into an abandoned train coach and becomes a recluse. Speculation abounds—does he have a political or spiritual motive, or has he made the move because he is losing his eyesight and wants to be accustomise himself to darkness before going completely blind? The mathematician proceeds to crawl around the carriage like an animal, slowly shedding his academic garb until he is down to his underpants, and then seals himself inside. As time passes, he experiences a series of hallucinations and his mind seems to transcend the world of logic, deduction and syllogisms to reach a new plane of emotional resonance. Although the film has no spoken narration, intermittent captions set up a drama between light, dark and inner vision.


  • Amar Kanwar

    Amar Kanwar

    Amar Kanwar was born in Delhi in 1964. He studied history at Delhi University and mass communications at Jamia Millia Islamia. Amar’s many short films and installations include Lal Hara Lehrake (1992), The Many Faces of Madness (2000) and The Lightning Testimonies (2007). He has staged solo exhibitions at the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan in Mumbai, the Assam State Museum, and Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK. Such a Morning continues Amar’s meditations on violence and the varied forms of response to it. “What could be the vision from the depth of darkness, from a zone of non-vision?” he asks. “Could there be a hallucinatory response to the violence that we see around us?”


Direction, Script - Amar Kanwar
Director of Photography - Dilip Varma
Editor & Sound Design - Sameera Jain
Additional Cinematography - Ranjan Palit
Sound - Suresh Rajamani
Additional Sound - Julius Basaiawmoit
Design - Sherna Dastur
Assistant Director - Prateek Shekhar
Gaffer & Drone - K Nandhakumar
Digital Colouring - Sherna Dastur, Desmond Roberts
Post Workflow Supervision - Sonu Singh
Music - Toru Taketmitsu, Jalaludin Langa and Group, Jan Johansson