Dharamshala international film festival 2 - 5 nov 2017


Tenzin Dazel & Remi Caritey
France | 2016 | 40 mins | Tibetan, English, Swiss-German | World Premiere | Director Attending



Dazel, a young Swiss-born Tibetan woman staying in Paris, abandons her humdrum life to pursue her dream of becoming a filmmaker. In the process, she discovers Royal Café, a small Sri Lankan eatery in the Chapelle area that serves Tibetan food and is frequented by exile Tibetans. As she passes time in the café, looking for inspiration and a cast for her film, Dazel’s life unfolds alongside the desires, disappointments and loneliness of her fellow diners. Royal Café eschews stereotypes of Tibetans living in exile to portray the simple realities of their lives.


  • Tenzin Dazel & Remi Caritey

    Tenzin Dazel & Remi Caritey

    Born in 1979 in Mysore, Tenzin Dasel attended Upper TCV School in Dharamshala before studying fashion at New Delhi Polytechnic. She then moved to France to continue her studies at MJM Graphic Design, Strasbourg, Studio Berçot, Paris, and Institut Français de la Mode, also in Paris. Tenzin produced and directed her first short film, Seeds, in 2009.

    Rémi Caritey has a master’s degree in image and sound from the University of West Brittany, France. His directorial debut was the anti-consumerism stop-motion short Thirsty for Life (2012). He has also directed several music videos for artists including China Moss and Mârie Adôre.