David Wright
USA | 2016 | 75 min | English



Out of This World is an updated version of an expedition film shot in 1949 by Lowell Thomas Sr and Lowell Thomas Jr, whilst on a three-month trip to Lhasa. It provides a window on life in Tibet just months before the country was invaded by China and features footage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama aged just 15. Thomas Sr was one of the most prominent journalists of his day and was invited to Tibet in the hope that he might influence the US to curtail the Chinese invasion. Although unable to achieve this goal, he and his son later supported the Tibetan freedom movement, as well as directly supporting Tibetan refugees. Since the discovery and remastering of an original print of Out of This World, the film has been re-edited to include still images and radio broadcasts made by the Thomases.


  • David Wright

    David Wright

    Award-winning documentary filmmaker David Wright holds a degree in photography from North Staffordshire University. He has worked in more than 60 countries and made films for National Geographic, the BBC and PBS. He has also worked with various NGOs and as an undercover operative in Japan, Costa Rica and China for the Environmental Investigation Agency, documenting illegal wildlife trade. David has acted as a cinematographer on features including Slingshot (2015), Voice of America: Lowell Thomas and the Rise of Broadcast News (2017), The Boys that Said No and The Dark Illuminates the Light (the latter two both scheduled for release in 2018). “Lowell Thomas is regarded as the father of broadcast journalism,” David says, “and after a 25-year career shooting and producing documentaries it was a privilege to rework Out of This World for a new audience.”


Director - David Wright
Producer - Anne Donaghy & David Wright
Cinematographer - Lowell Thomas Jr.
Editor - David Berez
Sound - Lowell Thomas Jr
Production Company - So Long Productions