Amit Masurkar
India | 2017 | 107 min | Hindi



This dark satire begins as India—the world’s largest democracy—braces itself for a general election. In a nation boasting nine million polling booths and 800 million voters, rookie government clerk Newton Kumar finds himself entrusted with a deceptively simple task—to conduct elections in a remote village in the jungles of Chhattisgarh. Upon his arrival, he is met with underground communist guerrillas who are waging a decades-old war against the state, and indigenous tribals living without any access to modern amenities. Conducting free and fair elections in such a danger zone will not be easy, as Newton discovers over the course of one mindboggling day. But, unremittingly dogged and unfazed to the last, he remains committed to his duty…


  • Amit Masurkar

    Amit Masurkar

    Director and screenwriter Amit V Masurkar was born and brought up in Mumbai. Having dropped out of an engineering course at Manipal Institute of Technology at the age of 20, he went into filmmaking. He later acquired a BA in history from the University if Mumbai. Amit’s first feature as director was Sulemani Keedi (2013), which he followed with the shorts L (2015) and Life After (2016). Describing Newton’s protagaonist, he says, “Newton is quirky, because he has tunnel vision when it comes to doing his duty. You read about these characters in the news—officers who keep getting transferred for being upright. I find these characters interesting because they behave differently from the rest of us.”


Director - Amit V Masurkar
Producer - Manish Mundra
Executive Producer - Raghav Gupta
Associate Producer - Shiladitya Bora
Screenplay - Mayank Tewari, Amit V Masurkar
Cinematography - Swapnil S Sonawane
Editing - Shweta Venkat Mathew
Music - Naren Chandavarkar, Benedict Taylor
Lyrics - Varun Grover