Mangesh Joshi
India | 2016 | 103 mins | Marathi | Actor Attending



Set in Pune, Maharashtra, Lathe Joshi tells the tale of a skilled lathe worker whose identity begins to slip away when his boss closes down his loss-making workshop. At home, Joshi is faced with a wife who is busy expanding her catering business, a son who runs an electronic repair shop from their personal premises and a mother who pledges to complete 500,000 chants using a mass-produced electronic mantra machine. Refusing to engage with a changing world of globalisation and automated production, he passively watches on as artisans such as himself fade into history.


  • Mangesh Joshi

    Mangesh Joshi

    Mangesh Joshi became a filmmaker after completing his engineering studies in Pune. He has made several documentaries and shorts, and worked with National Award-winning directors Sanjay Surkar, Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar. His first work as a feature screenwriter and director was the Bhojpuri-language He (2011), co-written with Iranian philosophy student Reza Nikbakhat. Contemplating Lathe Joshi’s central themes, Mangesh says, “People have often related automation with humans getting out of work. But I don’t find being jobless is the only issue. Job for a job is not a solution for a person who is skilled and pursued his profession with devotion. For a skilled worker his job is what art to an artist is. And it cannot be replaced with just any activity which keeps his hands busy.”


18th Jio MAMI, Mumbai Film Festival 2016: The India Story