Abhijeet Phartiyal
India | 2018 | 23 min | Hindi | Director Attending
4 Nov, 12:30 pm, Dekyi Tsering Auditorium



In the small town of Almora in Uttarakhand, ‘Art Sir’ tries to teach his students to draw the Himalayas but, when faced of his wards’ unruly behaviour, he sarcastically suggests they tear up their work instead. Later, two friends, Faizan and Noor, sneak into the art room and do just that. Enraged, Art Sir demands a confession…


  • Abhijeet Phartiyal

    Abhijeet Phartiyal

    Having completed a master’s at the University of Delhi, Abhijeet Phartiyal began making short films in his native Almora. His first, Rikt Sthano Ki Poorti (2016), won him a place on the DIFF Film Fellows Programme.


Director : Abhijeet Phartiyal
Producer : Abhijeet Phartiyal, Abhimanyu Kumar
Screenwriter : Abhijeet Phartiyal, Anirudh Karnick, Anantha Perumal
Cinematographer : Aravind Ramachandran
Editor : Akshay Burman
Sound : Ankita Purkayastha
Production Company : Mistri Labs