Priya Ramasubban
India | 2018 | 90 min | Ladakhi | Director Attending
2 Nov, 10:30 am, PictureTime



Sprightly Chuskit lives in a remote village in Ladakh and dreams of attending school. But after an accident leaves her paraplegic, she is confined to a life indoors in the company of her strict grandfather, Dorje. As Chuskit refuses to let go of her dreams, she ends up at loggerheads with Dorje, who says the school can’t handle her needs.



  • Priya Ramasubban

    Priya Ramasubban

    Priya Ramasubban has travelled the world for more than 15 years making films for National Geographic, Discovery, The History Channel and other major broadcasters. She developed Chuskit as part of an NFDC screenwriters’ lab.



Director : Priya Ramasubban
Producer : Priya Ramasubban
Screenwriter : Priya Ramasubban
Cinematographer : Arvind Kannabiran
Editor : Jabeen Merchant
Sound : PM Sateesh & Manoj Goswami
Music : Mathias Doplessy
Production Company : Kaavya Films Pvt Ltd