Pushpendra Singh
India | 2017 | 120 min | Brij | Director Attending





This touching drama weaves together contemporary rural issues and ancient Indian myth. On holiday from boarding school, young Ishvaku is fascinated by the bedtime story his mother relates to him—that of the warrior Ashwatthama, from the Mahabharata, whose blind vengeance provokes a curse from Lord Krishna, forcing him to wander the earth in eternal suffering. But the story is interrupted by a bandit raid in which Ishvaku’s mother is killed, and Ishvaku is packed off to his ancestral village in the Chambal Valley ravines of Central India. There he discovers a family in crisis, whose rituals, traditions and orthodox feudal values are becoming redundant. Meanwhile, Ishvaku’s own life take a strange turn, as a visiting sacred bull predicts that both wisdom and tragedy will soon come to him. In anticipation of such tragedy, Ishvaku attempts to escape into the magical realm of Ashwatthama…


  • Pushpendra Singh

    Pushpendra Singh

    Pushpendra Singh studied at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, where he is now a visiting faculty member. He began his career as an actor under theatre guru Barry John in Delhi and later took the lead role in Amit Dutta’s Aadmi Ki Aurat Aur Aya Kahaniya (2009). His debut as a feature director came with Lajwanti (2014) and he is currently working on a documentary, Shifting Lines of the Desert. Describing his palette of choice for Ashwatthama, Pushpendra says, “I wanted to set the story in a timeless world and therefore went with the black-and-white aesthetic. I feel that digital colour filmmaking gives an effect of immediacy. I used colour in parts to disrupt that world and delve into the dreams and fears of the child. In India, religious colours play such a huge part in our life.”


Director - Pushpendra Singh
Producer - Sanjay Gulati, Pushpendra Singh, Ajit Singh Rathore
Screenwriter - Pushpendra Singh
Cinematographer - Ravi Kiran Ayyagari
Editor - Sanjay Tudu
Sound - Ajit Singh Rathore
Production Company - Crawling Angel Films, Marudhar Arts, A.S.R Films
Cat - Aryan, Lovely, Sangita, Chitra Sharma, Pushpendra Singh


Busan International Film Festival, 2017
Mumbai Film Festival, 2017