Call for Submissions

The Dharamshala PJLF Editing Workshop 2018 is a new initiative of the Dharamshala International Film Festival and the Paddy & Joan Leigh Fermor Arts Fund. It is supported by NFDC. The workshop will take place in Dharamshala from 29 October to 4 November 2018 and will overlap with the 7th Dharamshala International Film Festival.

The editing workshop aims to encourage career editors in the independent sector of Indian cinema and will give two teams of Director & Editor the chance to screen their film, receive feedback from a team of experienced film professionals and have two follow-up sessions working with the Editing Mentor on revising their cut and/or concentrating on particular sequences in their film.

The two selected projects will be announced on 8 October.

The two selected Director/Editor teams will be invited to come to Dharamshala for eight days. All expenses including travel and stay will be covered.


  • The application for the Editing Workshop is open only to Director/Editor teams who are working closely together as equal collaborators on the edit of an Indian-language (including in English) feature film.
  • Due to resource limitations, only fiction features will be considered for this initial workshop.
  • The film can be at any stage between rough-cut and fine cut and should be at least 90 minutes long. Indian-language films will need to have English sub-titles.

Submission process

The following information must be submitted to: diffeditingworkshop@gmail.com

  1. Name of Director
  2. Address, email and mobile number of Director
  3. Short filmography of Director
  4. Name of Editor
  5. Address, email and mobile number of Editor
  6. Short filmography of Editor
  7. Short synopsis of film (max 200 words)
  8. Short statement outlining the reasons why Director and Editor want to enter their film for the Editing Workshop (max 200 words)
  9. Link to rough cut/fine cut with English subtitles
  10. Submission deadline: 30 September 2018.

The decision of the Selection Committee will be final.

Editing Workshop Mentors: Bina Paul and Olivia Stewart
Editing Mentor: Jacques Comets
Selection Committee: Umesh Kulkarni, Bina Paul and Tenzing Sonam

Disclaimer: Dharamshala PJLF Editing Workshop and Film Bazaar’s Work-In-Progress Lab are mutually exclusive in terms of duration and associations. Participation in one does not ensure participation in the other.