The 7th Dharamshala International Film Festival, in association with the Paddy & Joan Leigh Fermor Arts Fund is organising the first Dharamshala PJLF Editing Workshop. This initiative is supported by NFDC. The editing workshop aims to encourage career editors in the independent sector of Indian cinema and will give two teams of Director & Editor the chance to screen their film, receive feedback from a team of experienced film professionals and have two follow-up sessions working with the Editing Mentor on revising their cut and/or concentrating on particular sequences in their film. Internationally renowned editor Jacques Comets will conduct the workshop as the Editing Mentor. He has edited the films of several leading French and international directors and co-headed the editing department of the French national film school, La Femis. He has been part of many seminars, workshops, masterclasses and juries in film festivals, film schools and universities around the world. Supporting him as the Editing Workshop Mentors are Bina Paul, Artistic Director of the International Film Festival of Kerala, and Olivia Stewart, who has worked both as Producer and as Script and Editing Mentor/Advisor, and has served on the jury of several international film festivals. The Selection Committee comprises Bina Paul and filmmakers Umesh Kulkarni and Tenzing Sonam.

The two selected projects are Where the Winds Blow by Director Karma Takapa and Editor Anadi Athaley, and 4 Sum by Director Neeraj Gwal and Editor Rishiraj Bhattacharya. A third project, Chola, directed and edited by Sanal Sasidharan, was also unanimously recommended by the selection committee and will receive editing consultation from the mentors.

Editing Workshop Mentors: Bina Paul and Olivia Stewart
Editing Mentor: Jacques Comets
Selection Committee: Umesh Kulkarni, Bina Paul and Tenzing Sonam

Disclaimer: Dharamshala PJLF Editing Workshop and Film Bazaar’s Work-In-Progress Lab are mutually exclusive in terms of duration and associations. Participation in one does not ensure participation in the other.